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Mayfield Investigative Services
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Pre-employment background investigations

Serving your private investigative needs in Southern California

We will verify employment history for you.

Only after you verify an application, can you have the peace of mind that comes from knowing the information claimed is accurate and factual.

​The resources we use for verification are proprietary and unavailable to the general public.

​We check to ensure employees are worthy of your trust. Hiring the wrong person can be costly both to your finances and your reputation. Potential employees, contractors, house keepers, caregivers, even nannies - can be a liability. Protect yourself!

Basic Background Searches include:

  • Criminal Records, up to six counties (more at an additional cost).

  • Social Security number verification

  • Judgments

  • Liens

  • Bankruptcy

  • Sex offender registry

  • E-Verify (verify employee I-9 eligibility through the Department of Homeland Security)

  • Other options available include:
    • Driver's License history
    • Civil record
    • Credit Report (new FCRA guidelines)
    • Employment verification
    • Education verification
    • Worker's Comp claims